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Monday, March 19, 2012

ABCDead | Camilla Robinson

Check out this AMAZING short film by the talented Camilla Robinson ...

ABCDead from Volt Magazine on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Artist Rafal Karcz Fuses Art with Photography

The current exhibition focuses both the artist's and viewers' attention on various iterations of human faces, one of the traditional genres of art history. Frequently de-populated and executed with the artist's characteristic somber palette of rather monochromatic colors, Karcz's faces create an evocative atmosphere that is simultaneously disquieting, banal, and even, on occasions, gloomy or sinister. His fleeting glimpses of these motives are often ambiguous - both artist and viewer participate in the viewing of the scene and yet are somehow also clearly excluded from belonging in them...
Albert Wang, art curator, IAO PROJECTS, Salt Lake City, USA
Polish artist Rafal Karcz's artwork is nothing short of eclectic.  His aesthetic displays a mix of pop art and expressionist influences depicted both in his technique and subject matter.  His approach is a refreshing take on the use of watercolors, acrylic, dark ink and soft lines of graphite, resulting in an abstract avant garde style. 

visions painted on the old films, drowned in a fabulous spectacle of color.  The association with photography emerges almost immediately.  (Karzc)
The artist's postmodern vision encapsulates the concept of the condition of the contemporary person - the characters fuse into the cultural background. "They are also very diverse, often lost, and constantly seeking inspiration" (Karcz).

The work portrays the artist's worldview, one which embraces his Polish heritage and questions the "mentality of the contemporary human being and the condition of his emotions." 

You can see more or his artwork here:


Friday, August 26, 2011

Your invitation to Mr Pustra's Kabarett Des Namenlosen @ Die Freche Muse

Kabarett Des Namenlosen

 the first UK preview of Mr Pustra's new solo endeavour ...

(Cabaret of the Nameless)

Inspired by the Kabarett of Weimar Berlin, the Salons of Paris and the Opium Dens of the Far East, Mr Pustra presents a series of selected vignettes of 
Glamour and Excess 
- all in an intimate and private setting.

Baron Von Sanderson, 
Die Freche Muse is a club night 
created in the great tradition of 
European Cabaret: 
sexually ambivalent & dissolute.

Also featuring performance from stunner, 
Laurie Hagen.

24 September 2011
10pm till 4am

Strict Dress Code:
Evening Wear
Cross Dressers
Art Deco

Advance tickets £10 from
£12.50 on the door

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mr Pustra + Joe Black's VILLAINS Show Set to Rock Rome Again

'V A U D E V I L L E ' S  D A R K E S T  M U S E'
"A Creation Of Beauty" AGENT2 MAGAZINE

Yes, you heard right - VILLAINS is set to return to Rome at Villa Celimontana on the 5th of September!  

Villa Celimontana Festival 2011 - "CIRCUS"
5 September 2011 @ 10:30pm
Piazza SS Giovanni e Paolo
Rome, Italy

Be sure to pencil this date in your diaries, and make your bookings ...

There will also be a documentary to be filmed about Mr Pustra during the visit to Rome, so stay tuned ...



Saturday, July 16, 2011


photos by Matthew Brindle

The collaboration between Long Clothing and Boy London continues with an exclusive design for Medicom Toys.

photos by Matthew Brindle

The LONG X BOY BE@RBRICK sits alongside fashion label BAPE as one of the 'secrets' in the 22nd Series of BE@RBRICK celebrating their 10th anniversary.

The release also coincides with the launch of the first official Boy London website:


Thursday, July 14, 2011

An Interview with Photographer Thomas Sing

Thomas Sing Self Portrait

Thomas Sing's photography has a poetic quality to it and it's certainly not difficult to see how his aesthetic has put him in demand.  Please enjoy this interview as we take a look at his thoughts on photography and what drives him ....

Where are you currently based?
In Augsburg, Germany, that's a 30 minutes drive from Munich. I have my studio there in the industry area.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
In a hotel probably! I love to travel for my job and I really enjoy being on the road all the time.  I like it when I get up in the morning and have to think a moment about where I am right now.  Basically I'm a big city guy.  The bigger the better.  I'm often in Italy, I speak Italian & love Italian food, so Milan would be an option.  I think I'd feel good there.  And not to forget, Italians are always dressed well.  London and New York would be great too, but my clients are mainly based in central Europe at the moment.

How would you describe your aesthetic?
Some time ago I had a piece of paper attached to the wall in front of my desk with some handwritten thoughts on photography.  I remember this one:  "Every good picture should contain at least one element that could be substituted by a razor blade." 
I'm infuenced a lot by French philosophy, esp. Georges Bataille's and Roland Barthes'.  Bataille describes 'communication' not as a transmission of information between two people, but as an 'inner experience' during which the frontiers between two people are collapsing for a moment.  Applied to photography, Bataille's view corresponds with Barthes' concept of the 'punctum', which is the one element of an image that touches you, moves you, hits you like an arrow.  It's the one thing that you can't really analyze in the picture.  You just know (or feel) that the picture affects you somehow, but you don't know why.  It's often difficult or even impossible to identify the element that makes you faill into an image, and it can be (or will be) a different element in the same image for every person who's looking at it.  That's what's making it difficult and interesting at the same time.  You can't fully plan a perfect picture.  This means for my daily work that I try not to over-style, over-conceptualize my shoots.  The direction must be clear, but there has to be enough space for coincidences.  I don't like super-sharp hyper-retouched pictures, they're only awesome if done with an ironic twist and by masters like, eg. Ines & Vinoodh or LaChapelle.

a 2011 choreography by Stephen Delattre

Where did your love of photography come from?
I think what always fascinated me most in photography is the fact that you can create messages, reactions and feelings beyond language.  You can describe a picture, but only to a certain extent.  The picture is just there, you see it and get it all within some milliseconds.  It also has to do with those direct aesthetics of the image that I was talking about before:  a good picture has this 'reality effect', even when it's evident that it is stages, eg. in fashion photography;  it creates a possible world of which the image itself is the centre, but it goes far beyond its borders.  I think Walter Benjamin's 'tiger's leap' (for him one of fashion's main characteristics:  the signs of bygone ages or distant cultures in current clothes) is also valid for photography.

What do you love most about what you do?
I'm always surrounded by crazy, creative and interesting people and I'm coming around a lot.  Every job is a new challenge - What could you wish more?

If you weren't a photographer, you'd be a …
literary scholar ;) – I was teaching part-time at the University of Augsburg until summer 2010 when I decided to quit and back all on fashion photography.  I'm a self-taught photographer.  After my degree in literature, philosophy & psychology in 2004, I started to earn some first bucks with my pictures, but it wasn't enough to make a living.  So I started teaching courses like advertising, fashion theory, and so on.  Last year my jobs became too demanding to continue both of them.  At this time I had some good fashion jobs and was on the other hand quite frustrated by the academic approach of analyzing everything over and over, I couldn't imagine to go on reading and writing books full-time for the rest of my life, so the choice was quite easy.

What inspires you?
I still get most inspirations from books. I have put together a nice little library over the years, and there are quite a lot of books which I really love. Often it's just a small paragraph or just a sentence or verse that fascinates me and gives me the idea for a photo shoot.

Who are your favourite contemporary fashion photographers, why?
Steven Meisel: I think he's working as close at the heart of fashion as you can get. I especially loved this spread shot in a mental sanatory and his oil-spill editorial.  Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin for their trans-medial approach which is exploring and widening the boundaries of both photography and fashion in this unique
ironical way without being 'constructed' or over-conceptual.
Tim Walker for his magical realism.

Which magazines do you shoot for?
I got published in, Schön!, MC, Dimension, MOCK, and a couple of national ones.  Right now I have some pictures online on Vogue Italia's new “PhotoVogue” section. magazine #26 (2011)

What's your most favourite shoot to date?
The spread for the current issue #26 of magazine with dancer Stephen Delattre.  He's coming over for a photo shoot at least once a year, and we never have a big concept, just a rough sketch of what we want to do.  So when he arrived in my studio last year, I wanted to test some new lighting techniques. Chiara styled him and we let him dance.  I had no idea what the pictures would look like, and was totally overwhelmed by the outcome.  Most people thought these pics were complex photoshop mashups, but in fact there was never a shoot that was retouched less.

Portfolio Cover

I've read that you're a bit of a workaholic. What drives you?
First, I love my job, so it's not too diffcult to work almost all the time.  Photography is a constant search for me, and life is too short to loose time... In my 'past-life' in humanities, my theories were always miles ahead of my actual practical skills, so what drives me still is most probably a constant dissatisfaction and this need to improve with every new shoot.

What are you working on at the moment?
I've just shot a big free project using a lot of butterfies for the styling and make-up. It was inspired by the fashion of the 90s, especially Alexander McQueen, with a strong focus on the beginnings of modernity, but from a 2011-perspective.  It took me one year from the very first idea to the actual shoot.  Now I hope I'll find a good magazine to publish it.

Do you have a muse?
My partner Chiara Padovan. We're working together from the very beginning, and there's not one job or shoot in all these years that I've done alone. We're doing most of the concepts together, she's something like my creative director and a great stylist. And she's far better in retouching pictures than I am.

If you could photograph anyone at all, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Right now I'd love to photograph Andrej Pejic because I like androgynous guys. Give me some time ;D

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
My recent success in fashion photography came quite suddenly. So I hope in 5 years I'll be regularly shooting for big magazines and brands.

2010 Editorial

What advice would you give someone wanting to get into the field of photography?
1.: Specialize. Try everything a bit until you've found what you like most, but then just go for it. For me it was fashion, I wouldn't be good at e.g. shooting architecture or cars.
2.a: If you have rich parents, read on at point 3.
2.b: Find a job! I mean a job which brings you money while you build your portfolio, because with your photos you won't earn enough at the beginning. Maybe it will be enough to buy you some food, but never enough to buy cameras, lenses and quality lighting equipment.
3.: Socialize! Twitter and Facebook are nice, but your potential clients exist in the real world. Go and fnd them!

For more information, please visit his website ...


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nadirah Zakariya: Rise

New York based photographer, Nadirah Zakariya, is holding a solo exhibition of her 'Daughters Ago' collection of eclectic photographs at Lomography Gallery Store in New York. 

Here are a few of my favourite ones I spotted from Dazed Digital's interview with the creative.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Besties: Art With A Conscience At Somewhere Gallery

Detroit Dog City by Harriet Hudson

I'm honored to let you all know about an exciting group art show on at the moment at Somewhere Gallery!  

Besties, A Fundraiser For Our Friends At The Lost Dogs Home is a group exhibition featuring the works of 22 artists, depicting the special relationships they have with their kitties and poochies!  All artwork is available for purchase and you'll feel pretty chuffed knowing that 100% OF ALL PROCEEDS go to The Lost Dogs Home in North Melbourne, helping them care for the thousands of lost, abandoned and injured dogs and cats in their care.  

What A Mess by Craig Dermody & Gillian Tucker

We hope that through this event we can raise awareness for the wonderful work The Lost Dogs Home does caring for animals in need and in doing so encourage more people to consider adopting a shelter pet.    --- Somewhere   

The exhibition will run until April 6th, so be sure to pop into Somewhere Gallery in Melbourne to check it out.   

Shop 29
The Royal Arcade
314 Little Collins Street

Update:  Here's some more info from launch nite: 

Friday, December 24, 2010

London's Foulest Gentlemen of Vaudeville bring VILLAINS to Rome


“We're very Concerned … Bad Things Will Happen”

Described as “Wicked and Woeful” by The Londonist and “Hellishly Hot” by the Irish Independent, The Londonist is set to take stage at the Teatro Palladium in Rome on 1st + 2nd of February, 2011.


Set on the dirty streets of Berlin, Sideshows of Coney Island, numerous graveyards + other unspeakable locations, London's foulest gentlemen of Vaudeville arise from their mouldy graves in this gothic tale of woe to produce 'Villians'. With a visual feast of Tim Burton-esqe stylised illustrations, you will find hair-raising songs + deliciously black humour.

'Villains' is utterly charming and irresistibly dark.

VILLAINS is written + conceived by London's avant garde artiste Mr Pustra. With a background in musical theatre + fine art, his show has built a loyal following. Described as “A Creation of Beauty” by AGENT2 MAGAZINE, Mr Pustra is a character drawn on the styling of Weimar Culture and performers of the 1920s and 1930s. Also influenced by singer Klaus Nomi and German Expressionism, artist Otto Dix features in his work.

A visually compelling and often tragic character, Mr Pustra's ability to transform is both fascinating and truly inspirational.


Mr Pustra has teamed up with Joe Black (described as The King of Cabaret Noir by The Metro), who is no stranger to the ridiculous, the sometimes disturbing, or the downright shocking world of entertainment. Black hosts his own sell-out residency in the lavish Edwardian Kings Theatre (Hampshire), and regularly treads the boards of the sell-out sensation that is the world's biggest fetish club – London's TORTURE GARDEN. Joe Black also tours internationally with the critically acclaimed MINISTRY OF BURLESQUE, and is noted as one of the pioneering personalities in new Variety.

He is the unmistakable Vaudevillian Villain.

Show details:

1st + 2nd February 2011


8 Piazza Bartolomeo

Romano 00154 ITALY

Time: 8:30pm

Dress Code: Victims + Villains

Box Office:


Written/Artwork: Mr Pustra

Photography: Katherine Leedale

Live Music: The 5 Villains

Mr Pustra Costumes: Lenka Padysakova

Special thanks to Ros Allen and Matteo Tarasco

Translations by Chiara Lore






JOE BLACK website

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

M/MINK Collaboration Results in Exclusive Ink-Scent Base

What happens when Swedish perfumist is handed a block of solid ink, a Japanese photograph, and a large utopian formula drawn on Korean traditional paper???




M/M and Byredo’s new creation.

Byredo - a Swedish perfume brand - was approached by Michaël Amzalag and Mathias Augustyniak of M/M Paris to produce a scent inspired by whatever information the company was presented with.  Apparently, the completely opposite of what is traditionally the go where the imagery is produced once the scent exists, allowing for a creative agency to form a stylistic language around the product ...

Byredo’s Ben Gorham was the man for the job.

I love the aesthetic, what do you think?


Monday, October 11, 2010


Come re-live your childhood as artist Jesse Willesee converts a Sydney club into a grown-up childhood paradise of cubby houses, cowboys and Indians, games, party bags – and some very adult colourful drinks!
Climb in the artist-built cubby installations with some spiked cordial in hand and watch a one-of-a-kind fashion and art installation, featuring a fashion show from hot cult labels FTW and Kalindy Millions, unfold around you.
Childish wildness will ensue!
This is the first night in Jesse Willesee’s EVENINGS IN ESTHETICA one-night-only, art party series – set to revolutionise the boundaries between art show and party with high concept, completely interactive installations offering a hell of a lot more than a night at the pub.
Jesse, the artist behind the wildly successful Paintings in Hotel Rooms and Seven Hundred Photos seven-room interactive installations, held inside the actual hotel rooms of Sydney’s Darlo Bar, has arrived back in Sydney after launching his latest high-concept installation in Hollywood.
With an all-new premise, he’s once again playing with the boundaries of space, art and audience, inviting punters to become the art at the rollicking art party of the year, for ONE NIGHT ONLY as always. Be there, or miss out!
The show opens at 7pm and fashion exhibit begins at 8pm.
EVENINGS IN ESTHETICA launches Wednesday October 13 from 7pm to 12am at Name This Bar, 197 Oxford St, Taylor Square.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

MAD MAUS ::: A Night of Decadence + Electronic Debauchery @ The Daylight Factory

Mad Maus Shaun Ross
By Kevin Millet 2

Last Saturday (August 7)international albino super model Shaun Ross hosted MAD MAUS @ THE DAYLIGHT FACTORY, enjoying a night of aesthetic decadence and electronic debauchery in celebration of the Festival Mode & Design 10th anniversary.  Narciss + DJ MINI provided the music, and the dress code was black, avant garde, + Maus related.

Mad Maus Shaun Ross
By Kevin Millet 4

Mad Maus Shaun Ross
By Kevin Millet 1


MAD MAUS is an international movement where fashion, art, design and electronic music collide with our fascination for pop culture. Drawing our inspiration from the Bauhaus movement, Dadaism, cartoons from the Great Depression (surrealist, obscure, trans-gressive) and especially the mice created by the Van Beuren studios (Hollywood, circa 1930), we ask fashion designers, stylists and artists to re-interpret the era's aesthetic and to make a hat with mouse's ears.

Mad Maus Shaun Ross
By Kevin Millet 3

Our goal is to play with this aesthetic and have fun with the daily involvement of fashion and art within the entertainment realm. By crowning the world's fashionistas with mouse's ears, we strive to make life less mundane and add a more playful side to fashion.  Our monthly parties join together Haute Couture and pop culture and we strongly encourage individual authentic and uncompromising fashions aka Mode d’auteur.

Mad Maus Shaun Ross
By Kevin Millet 5

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