Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kylee Davis: Winsome Jackie Winter

New Zealand high end knitwear designer, Kylee Davis, celebrated her Australian launch last Thursday night at the magnificent Triptych development in Southbank.  The evening was a huge success featuring a live campaign photo shoot and art display from New Zealand illustrator Kelly Thompson and visual projections by Melbourne artist Yandell Walton.

Image Courtesy Tessa Williams
Image Courtesy Tessa Williams
Image Courtesy Tessa Williams

Her current collection - Winsome Jackie Winter - represents her unique aesthetic honoring the true artisan design process. Davis utilises a number of labour intensive construction methods, such as macrame which features heavily in the range, with each piece meticulously hand stitched onto each garment ensuring a unique quality to the garment.   

'Winsome Jackie Winter' is the name given to an imaginary muse, used to interpret a compilation of reflections on international fashion through a somewhat New Zealand prism, states Davis.  Paying homage to her background is evident in the fusion of hand crafted elements such as smooth carved curves and earthy tones which include 'pounamu' (New Zealand greenstone) translating into an intarsia design feature with a retro-inspired checkerboard knit structure.

Soft kid mohair sweater and flapper style dresses all adorn handcrafted macrame pieces which resemble art pieces rather than clothing. 

With the current trend for natural fibres it isn't surprising that Browns London snapped up her debut collection, A Tribe Called Dressed


*amended 8th May 2012

Monday, April 23, 2012

Farinaz Noir: SS13 Collection

German-born designer, Farinaz Noir, ponders the theme of political fear in her 2013 Spring/Summer Collection. She finds inspiration in different cultures, and an appreciation for the spirit of the time.

When fear enters your consciousness, it can rob your mind, states Noir.  Once this fear appears in your life it takes control, becomes a dominant force, and controls your very thoughts and actions leading you into the dark world of depression.  This fear grips you leaving the question: will you ever be the same person again?

"[S]uddenly the "fear" appears in your life and takes the control ... you start to subordinate yourself under your fear.  You start to flee in the world of depression."

Noir looks at the political fear governments used to control and manipulate its people, and so Noir comes to the conclusion that "the religion and nationalism is the only thing that remains for the people".  She asks, 'do we succumb or do we fight? ... [It] doesn't matter it it's the fight in our mind with ourselves or with a whole regime ..."

Farinaz Noir

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