Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Signet Bureau Introduces Nevada Duffy To The Mix

The Signet Bureau, 165 Gertrude Street Fitzroy

The Signet Bureau is much more than a fashion boutique situated in Fitzroy's creative district.  Since its inception in 2004 it has provided people of style a one-stop shopping destination for immaculate clothing and footwear.

Nevada Duffy: SS11/12 Collection

Fitzroy-based designer, Nevada Duffy, is the latest addition to The Signet Bureau family of talented designers.  Duffy is recognised for her experimental yet practical designs.  Since launching her eponymous label in the late 1990s the aesthetic has been consistently sleek and structured with a strong focus on a bold and modern identity, while respecting their past lives.

Nevada Duffy draws inspiration from music and personal memories.

Nevada Duffy: SS11/12 Collection

With Nevada Duffy joining the retail mix, Melbournians are invited to share the passion, craftsmanship and spirit that comes from experiencing fashion with design integrity (and is beautiful to wear).

Preston Zly Design,
Robyn Black,
MM Sohn 
and now 
Nevada Duffy.  


Friday, October 21, 2011

Schwarzer Reiter Fashionshow "Seductive Timeout" Video Is here, baby!

World of Schwarzer Reiter

The vision and ambition of Schwarzer Reiter is to haul up amorous adventures from the dodgy underground milieu and to revive them with dignified style, indulgence and finesse.
Please enjoy SEDUCTION TIMEOUT by Berlin luxury erotic lifestyle brand, Schwarzer Reiter ...

E x


Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Crossing the Line" for VOGUE Portugal Anniversary Issue November 2011

The Team
Model: Anne Sophie Monrad @ Modelwerk, Hamburg
Photographer: Benjamin Kanarek
Creative Directors: Benjamin Kanarek & Frédérique Renaut
Video Director: Frédérique Renaut
Fashion Editor: Nick Cox
Make Up by Topolino @ Calliste, Paris
Manicure by Kamel @ B-Agency Prop Stylist:
Digital Retouching Freddy Baby, Paris
Photo Assistants: Florent Vindimian, Clara Long Stylist
Assistants: Amy Li, Mathilde Drach
Make Up Assistant: Vichika Yorn


Artist Rafal Karcz Fuses Art with Photography

The current exhibition focuses both the artist's and viewers' attention on various iterations of human faces, one of the traditional genres of art history. Frequently de-populated and executed with the artist's characteristic somber palette of rather monochromatic colors, Karcz's faces create an evocative atmosphere that is simultaneously disquieting, banal, and even, on occasions, gloomy or sinister. His fleeting glimpses of these motives are often ambiguous - both artist and viewer participate in the viewing of the scene and yet are somehow also clearly excluded from belonging in them...
Albert Wang, art curator, IAO PROJECTS, Salt Lake City, USA
Polish artist Rafal Karcz's artwork is nothing short of eclectic.  His aesthetic displays a mix of pop art and expressionist influences depicted both in his technique and subject matter.  His approach is a refreshing take on the use of watercolors, acrylic, dark ink and soft lines of graphite, resulting in an abstract avant garde style. 

visions painted on the old films, drowned in a fabulous spectacle of color.  The association with photography emerges almost immediately.  (Karzc)
The artist's postmodern vision encapsulates the concept of the condition of the contemporary person - the characters fuse into the cultural background. "They are also very diverse, often lost, and constantly seeking inspiration" (Karcz).

The work portrays the artist's worldview, one which embraces his Polish heritage and questions the "mentality of the contemporary human being and the condition of his emotions." 

You can see more or his artwork here:


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