Friday, September 30, 2011

Andrea Yasmin: Summer Sleek and Sophistication

The sleek and sophisticated style of Andrea Yasmin can be enjoyed by the women of Australia with the launch of its new website.  

Spring/Summer highlights include kimono style tops in prints or emerald that layer over short tube skirts, skinny or wide leg trousers.   Kaftan inspired designs are cut from silk to layer over separates or swimwear and of course there is the great shift dress to sculpt the body.  


Thursday, September 29, 2011


British Designer Millie Cockton has released an amazing film for her Spring Summer 2012 Collection called IDLE YOUTH.

Check it out!


Ziad Ghanem SS2012 London Fashion Week Highlights

Image Courtesy Kris Atomic
In true theatrical style, ZIAD GHANEM presented his exciting Spring/Summer 2012 collection at London Fashion Week.  The cult couturier did not disappoint!  Splashes of paint, men in skirts, amazing retro touches, and absolutely inspiring.  The following as some of my favourite images from his catwalk show

Enjoy! x

Image Courtesy Kris Mitchell
The amazing Mr Pustra ...

Image Courtesy Kris Atomic
This girl was absolutely gorgeous!

Image Courtesy Kris Atomic

Image Courtesy Kris Mitchell

Image Courtesy Kris Mitchell

Image Courtesy Kris Mitchell

Image Courtesy Kris Mitchell

Image Courtesy Kris Mitchell


Bluecaravan: Handmade, Fairtrade, Eco-sustainable Design

Heyboom Shoulder Bag
Since its launch just over a year ago, vendor of contemporary ethical fashion and product design Bluecaravan, has become the largest online marketplace of its kind. The concept was developed by Byron Bay local Jen Djula with the belief that beautifully designed products are the best catalyst to shift the modern consumer towards sustainability. Visitors to Bluecaravan are inspired by aesthetics as much as principles, and buyers are flocking to the online store to satisfy a rapidly growing desire for high quality products with a difference.

Urban Messenger - German army blanket and leather
While retail sales are down globally, Bluecaravan witnesses increased trade. The principle of the site is to facilitate a direct consumer/designer relationship that is as sustainable as the seller’s production practice itself. ‘Our customers come away with the knowledge that they have purchased something that has an intrinsic value through its own unique story,’ says Djula of the Bluecaravan experience, ‘it’s a very different take on retail that has not been developed to this scale before.’

The Bluecaravan community grows, and services offered by the store continue to expand. The intimate nature of the site has led most Bluecaravan sellers to now offer gift wrapping and hand-written notes to send on behalf of the buyer. In fact gift-gifting has become a significant aspect of the site. It seems that having a connection with the creators of the beautiful objects they’re purchasing is as tantalising for many customers as the objects themselves.

Vinyl Living Frog Tote
 Bluecaravan is at the forefront of a new retail movement that transcends fast paced trends and focuses on contemporary ideas and concepts. Vogue, Marie Claire and Frankie are just some of the publications that have engaged with the Bluecaravan concept; the vast demographic that they represent reflects the far reaching power of the site’s approach.

Ekohaus felted slippers
All this in the first year of business, it goes to show that following your heart – and your aesthetics – pays off! With around four hundred stores and many thousands of beautiful [ethical] products to choose from Bluecaravan has quickly become an incomparable product resource.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wrangler FW11: Mark Your Territory

MARK YOUR TERRITORY is the F/W 2011 Collection by Wrangler.  They encourage everyone to customise their own jeans, giving them their own identity. 

 MARK YOUR TERRITORY extends Wrangler's brand signature - We Are Animals - and like animals, we are compelled to mark our space and our belongings ... leaving our very own stamp.  Tagging, tattooing, branding - these are primal, animal impulses.

In FW11, we challenge consumers to "Mark Their Territory".


Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Avant garde knitwear designer, Kevin Kramp, has just exhibited his new knitwear collection as special guest at WHITE during Milan Fashion Week.  This extremely talented designer has a fluid aesthetic with a strong focus on the silhouette.  I came across his work a few seasons ago and was struck by its beauty.  He has an amazing vision for knitwear which instantly attracted me to his work.  Bold and exaggerated, his work is truly inspiring.  A true artist, his work has been exhibited in museums, and this year exhibited some of his work during the UNRAVEL exhibition at MoMu, in Antwerp.  Kramp is also the winner of the Modateca Award which was established by Italian knitwear company, Deanna, and has received several awards and grants for this creative work.  

For the September 2011 edition of WHITE, Kramp returns with a fourth multi-seasonal collection of innovative + truly inspiration specialty knitwear for men, and his highly anticipated debut of key women's knitwear looks.  Kramp’s Tribe of Beauty continues to live it’s own experience and follow it’s own joy.

KEVIN KRAMP has recently been feature in Vogue Italia's 3rd Annual 'New Talents' September edition, and has been featured in international  style + fashion publications in countries like the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Africa, Japan, China, the US, and Australia.  

Here's an interview I came across on Youtube which I'm sure you'll love.


Help Kickstart Le Vero + Share Some Love!

Hi guys!

Kandice Levero's entrepreneurial talents have led her to launch a Kickstarter for her gorgeous accessories brand, LE VERO, which she started a year ago in Tokyo, Japan.

I have been working as a designer in Tokyo for two years.  One year ago I began designing the 2 collections for the first season of Le Vero.  I have a strong background in fabrication so all models were first made by hand in a clever variety of materials.
I worked with Japanese manufactures to produce all of the samples.  The people I am working with are extremely attentive to detail and capable of producing to a level of craft of my standards...which are high! 
Production in Japan is expensive.  In the beginning a brand's quantities are low because you don't have many customers yet.  This makes the products more expensive.  For this reason I have chosen 4 pieces from the collection to begin.
This is where you come in.  I would be so pleased if you like my concept and would help me to get them produced.  In return I will send you the designs from Tokyo.  Shipping from Japan is included in the cost.  I have big dreams for this brand as I have been planning it basically for ten years.  So any additional funds raised will go in to making an outstanding booth at the Rooms Show, a show to meet buyers and fans during Japanese fashion week.  My dream for my booth and for future pop up shops is to incorporate parts from abandoned amusement parks.  There are many of them all over Japan; they are called Haikyo.  Ask, and I will be thrilled to share photos and links about Haikyo.
Le Vero is colorful, fun, often funny.  It draws inspiration from Brooklyn, NY, Baltimore, MD, and lots from Tokyo.  For now I have designed a collection of small well functioning pieces for people who are constantly adding to their apparel collection.  And the Japanese omiyage is for me to share my favorite things from Tokyo with you.  Please keep in mind I have included shipping from Tokyo in these pledge amounts!! 
- Kandice Levero

Please take the time to check out her video and consider supporting her to fund her first production line.  If not, please repost this on your Facebook page and share the love.  Who knows?  With enough support, we could help this amazing talent get off the ground.

To support Le Vero and find out some more information, visit:

The Fashion Birdcage wishes you all the best, Kandice ... you're a star!!! xxx

Monday, September 26, 2011

GELADA Are Talkin' About My Generation

Indy t-shirt + design brand, GELADA, have released their new collection - TALKIN' ABOUT MY GENERATION.  Based in Tel Aviv, the brains behind this cool label, Yaron Mendelovici and Osnat Feitelson, create their own tees, choosing viscose and vintage cotton material abiding by the Fair labour and Fair Trade ethos.

To find out more, check out the TFB Online Mag relaunching in the first week of November.

Stay tuned ...

Photography: Ella Uzan,
Styling & Magic: Amit Algrisi,
Art Director: Yakie Ayalon,
Graphic Design: Osnat Feitelson,
Tshirt Design: Gelada & Katanel (Shiry Vered),
Directed & Produced: Yaron Mendelovici

Check GElada on Facebook

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Katharine Hamnett Clean Up Or Die AW11


The clothing, shoe and textile industry is one of the largest in the world. It is responsible for enormous pollution and environmental destruction.  Labour and pay conditions for thousands of garment, shoe and textile workers area appalling.

Conventional cotton farming kills 20,000 thousand people per year due to accidental pesticide poisoning and a further millions of people a year suffer long-term acute pesticide poisoning in cotton agriculture (Pesticide Action Network). Appalled by this Hamnett has been campaigning to clean up the clothing industry since 1989, when Katharine took the decision to highlight these issues and tackle these problems.  Farming cotton organically can make a change.  Farmers can increase their income by 50% enabling them to feed and clothe their families, school their children and afford healthcare.

Click the following link for behind the scenes footage of the Clean up or Die photoshoot.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Ayah Marar & Katharine Hamnett SAVE LIFE ON EARTH this AW 2011

Katharine Hamnett’s AW11 collection ‘Clean up or die’ sees archive slogans including the 80’s hit

This slogan is fronted by the new hot on the block artist Ayah Marar. The relationship between Ayah Marar and Katharine Hamnett is inspirational, Ayah supports Katharine’s campaigns and is a great role model.


Spoil Yourself with New Goodies from

Vanessa Hudgens - Diva Cantina

Blu Moon is a collection of bohemian-chic, sexy pieces with a distinguished West Coast flair.

Diva Cantina - Vintage Rose - Vanessa Hudgens
Whitney Port - Summer Lov'n dress

Produced in California, Blu Moon's signature style is flirty and fun. Boho styled maxi skirts and girly dresses in delicate floral and ethnic printed fabrics are the ultimate key pieces in an effervescent Malibu wardrobe. With designs that flow easily from day to night, it is little wonder that celebrities are loving Blu Moon's latest collection.

Zig Zag Dress - Ashley Tisdale

 Honing in on a sense of simplicity in a somewhat over stylised world, Lucca Couture fuses comfort with fashion, creating chic pieces that bridge the gap between high-end fashion and everyday street style.

With a cult following amongst young Hollywood including Lauren Conrad, the Kadashian Sisters and Taylor Swift, Lucca Couture has created a collection that allows today's modern girl to discover her own unique individuality and edge with a collection that exudes comfort and sensibility.

Fronted by the new Kadashian Protégé, Kendall Jenner, the standout piece of the new collection is the Zig Zag Strapless Dress. A simple shape with on-point details make this blue and white dress a stunner on the body. The pattern whittles the waist and the boning keeps the structure. Zipper closure on back; boning in bust. Ashley Tisdale is a devoted fan.


Natalie B Bracelet Stack

The Cloisonné Stretch Bracelets by Natalie B feature handcrafted Cloisonné beads on a stretch band.

Cloisonne is an ancient technique used to decorate jewellery with metal and enamel. The beads are elaborately handpainted with floral patterns in rich, bright jewel toned colours. Stack them to create that coveted ‘world wonderer’ look or wear them individually for a more dainty style.

Thursday, Friday: Diamond Series, Red

 Dubbed the ‘Anti Status’ status bag by New York Times, the duo who brought you the humorous ‘Together’ Birkin bag is back with another killer series.

Thursday, Friday: Diamond Series, Black

The Thursday Friday, Together Bag: Diamond Series is a tribute to the iconic quilted ‘It’ bag printed on the front, back, bottom, and sides, thus creating a fabulous trompe l'oeil from all angles.

 Inspired by consumerism, class, and iconography, The Together Bags: Diamond Series is the perfect shopper, library or beach bag, adding a touch of chic to everyday chores. ‘We realized we were using the shopping bags as proxy accessories and wanted to take them a step further, to have the bag itself declare what's going on.  So we ended up with a canvas shopper that references luxury but ultimately works as an anti-status status symbol.’

Thursday, Friday: Diamond Series, Pink

It’s fully lined, and the inner patch pocket keeps your keys and phone within reach. The chic handles are long enough to throw over your shoulder comfortably and soft once there.

Thursday, Friday: Diamond Series, Blue


Pura Vida string bracelet:  neon

The phrase “Pura Vida” (pu·ra vi·da) means 'Pure Life' in Spanish. Enjoying life slowly, celebrating good fortune and not taking anything for granted embodies the Pura Vida Lifestyle.

Pura Via string bracelet:  sky earth

Each original bracelet is handmade in Costa Rica with a unique combination of colours. Locals spend days, even weeks creating specific bracelets to express their lifestyle. Vibrant colours to earthy tones, Pura Vida has just the combination for you.

Pura Via string bracelet:  pastel

The creators of these bracelets are inspired to help clean up the beaches around the world, so they decided to donate a percentage of their profits to the Surfrider Foundation’s 1% for the Planet campaign. Wearing one of these bracelets not only adds a splash of colour and whimsy to any look, but also benefits the preservation and protection of oceans worldwide.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

maRia aRistidou: A/W 11-12 collection : Hauntingly beautiful

 I am pleased to present to you all a beautifully crafted Autumn/Winter 2011-2012 Collection from eponymous womenswear label, maRia aRistidou.  

These haunting images faithfully convey a delicately feminine aesthetic true to aRistidou's work. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do ...

Photos: "The devil loves fashion"
Stylist: Alicia Hadjialexandrou
Model: Valerie Martian
Clothes: maRia aRistidou

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