Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Constellation Collection Now Available @ Melissa Harris Jewellery

Constellation Collection 

Inspired by the symbols of antiquity and minimalism, DANIELLE BIRRITTELLA elemental objects in gold and precious stone with her jewellery Ella Poe.  Her debut collection, THE CONSTELLATIONS, is a timeless tribute to the zodiac, each work reflecting a fascination with the stories of stars.

Danielle's life is marked by polarities. Born into a Hindu Ashram and raised by American entrepreneurs, her challenge has been to unify these distinct worlds.  From a young age Danielle designed and created her own jewellery. While undergoing intensive training as an opera singer in New York City, studying romances languages and delving into the mythology of performance, Danielle began crafting and selling her designs to support her studies.  Ever the gypsy, the designer's wanderlust led her to find inspiration in Turkey, Romania, India, and Cuba. Captivated by the mysticism of those lands, she made it her mission to create a line of wearable art steeped in the ritual of adornment.

Her jewellery was an instant success.

Now available at Melissa Harris Jewellery.

Ella Poe

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