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Rachel Friere Presents Future Noir AW 2010/11

A considerable amount of attention surrounds this young London-based designer, and for good reason. Rachel Friere's work is impeccably ornate, abstract and unquestionably unique.

Exploring the dark sexuality of the androgynous human form, Rachel Friere's Autumn/Winter 2010/11 collection - Future Noir - does just that.

Launched in 2009 with a catwalk presentation at On-Off for London Fashion Week, following on with a Catwalk show with On-Off in 2010, Rachel Freire recently presented her Autumn/Winter 2010/11 collection with a presentation at London Fashion Week with Vauxhall Fashion Scout and is touted as one of London’s “most exciting new talents” .

Established in 2008, Rachel Freire made her move from the eclectic world of stage and film, into wearable conceptual couture. Freire graduated from Central Saint Martins (for her sins) with a BA in Design for Performance, and looking at the standard of her work, it's hard to believe that she has never studied fashion.

Featuring complex corsetry, militaristic boleros, intricate lacing and meticulously hand woven appendages to the neck, arms and extremities, this collection draws its influence from Rachel’s costume design background. Her fascination with futuristic imagery inspired by other worldly themes, explores the relationship between the organic and the apocalyptic.

The tones and fabrics lend themselves to these themes with earthy & dark variations of nude, brown & black alongside iridescent gold’s & silvers. Additionally, fibers of harsh salmon skin leather, sting ray skin, silky jersey, wool, blended lycras, reflective nylon and the imaginative feature of full body latex, all merge together seamlessly, enhancing the mysterious mood of the collection.

Friere's clothes have graced the likes of Courtney Love, Christina Aguilera, Beth Ditto, Little Boots, Saint Saviour and many of London's prestigious performance artists as well as a gaggle of pop tarts who shall remain anonymous.

You can find her collection at Machine A and


Garland Coo

Founded in 2009 in the deep south of Germany, GARLAND COO was born as a brand new creative collaboration between designer Jasmin Isabel Eckerle and artist Marcel Singer. With roots deeply anchored in their southern Germanic culture - the Black Forest - this native landscape acts as a deep source of inspiration to the pair.

Fiercely independent and rebellious,
Jasmin Isabel Eckerle approaches her craft with the 'strongest passion and conceives shapes and structures to clothe the human body. Slim cut silhouettes and refined detailing are anchors with both fashionable pragmatism and poetry.' Marcel Singer has a design and communication company - Singer and Partner, as well as a multi faceted artist. He's an illustrator and produces paintings, drawings, prints and multimedia. Singer also participates in several group exhibitions, art and music projects. His instinctive approach to art is fused with European and American underground culture, and his observations on fashion, beauty and life.

The philosophy behind Garland Coo is simple: their aesthetic beliefs both refuse to be 'categorized or assimilated by the establishment.' Both Eckerle and Singer express and rise the tension between the polarities which exist between fashion and art, and the so-called "Heimat".

This collection is described as an analogy of the cutural and natural heritage of both designers. It borders on couture embellishments with sharp tailoring, slim cut silhouettes and refine detailing using the finest materials. The collection encapsulates the contrast between the traditional and avant garde; the Black Forest pompoms; floating hand-dyed silks; between bondage schemes and clear defined folds; hand prints and hand finished fabrics.

"Fashion collides with nature schemes and the rotten appearance of a cultural landscape. The first collection is pure womenswear, an accessories and a limited menswear will follow.' - Garland Coo

Selected individual items and accessories are exclusively available in the store of Butterflysoulfire, starting with Berlin Fashion Week 2010 spring summer.


Making Vintage Yum Yum!

Formally known as, [based in the United States, just a few minutes outside NYC] will launch their brand new site at the end of July,by 'Bringing Art and Vintage Together in a New Website'. Owner and operator, Christine Anderson will celebrate this exciting launch with a series of photo shoots using vintage clothing and handmade items that will be sold at

"The Fashion Birdcage is allowing us to feature a selection of photographs taken during the past year, the rest of the series will be available for viewing at along with an awesome collection of Vintage Clothing available for purchase. We hope that the photographs will inspire you to see the clothing in a way you never thought possible. YumYum should be officially online within the month."

(Top + Above)
Photography- Christine Anderson;
Stylist - Jess Ajluni;
Model - Amanda Olynick;
Photo Assistant - Allie Overgaard

"The Into the Woods Photographs are a series of fashion portraits focusing on vintage hats from the 1930’s to the 1950’s. We wanted to shoot them in a interesting manor so people can see the beauty of the hats and be inspired to use them in their current wardrobe."

Photo Three and Four
Photography- Jess Ajluni;
Stylist - Jess Ajluni;
Model - Krista Shows

"Beautifully lit photographs featuring Vintage 1980’s Clothing paired with Handmade Necklaces. Shot in an old style motel the photos have a little of that Hitchcock flavor to it."

Photo Five and Six
Photography- Christine Anderson/Jess Ajluni;
Stylist - Jess Ajluni/Christine Anderson;
Model - Allie Overgaard

"These photos were shot to catch the drama of vintage clothing. The 1940’s hand painted peach evening dress is romantic and dreamy - while the 1940’s suit paired with a vintage t-shirt is dramatic as well as whimsical and wearable."

If you wish to be informed when YumYum is officially opened send your e-mail address to:

Contact Information:
Contact: Christine Anderson


Say Cheese!

This is one cute pouch I found on Etsy.Com!

It's called the "Say Cheese Camera Bag" and it can hold your phone, camera, and make-up, and is made of durable American made Naugahyde and has a tough nylon lining. Just add a strap and it converts to a wristlet.

It comes from a selection of made-to-order products proudly handmade by QUEENBEE55.

"My passion for sewing has finally met up with
an appreciative audience ...

I am happiest when I am making things.
To make things for people who
appreciate handmade is just heaven."

Week-end with Alex Prager

Alex Prager's work weaves a nostalgic thread with her most recent exhibition, "Week-end".

The women are young and highly stylized with a touch of Hitchcock and perhaps even Cindy Sherman.

Based in LA, this artist portrays women in a cinematic air and tinged with some sort of impending disaster. Her aesthetic is reminiscent of 1970s disaster movies, with full wigs and exaggerated make up and retro glam.

For more info on the work of Alex Prager, check out her website.

alex prager

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